Dalia Richany

I started my journey at ISG Dammam in Kindergarten in 1995 and continued through Grade 12. After graduating in 2008, I studied at the University of Notre Dame-Louaize in Lebanon, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design.

Since Art has always been my passion, I was thrilled to be part of the Art Club at ISG Dammam. Our artworks were donated for charity to campaigns such as the Saudi Cancer Foundation.

ISG Dammam was special to me because it was my second home. Its diverse culture and intellect make it a unique establishment from which to learn and grow, and I am proud of the values and ethics we acquired from school and how our mentors played a vital role in preparing us for the future. The school held Career Day fairs throughout our Senior year to guide and support us in our decision-making.

My advice to the current students of ISG Dammam? Make the best of your memories and experience at ISG, and let that be a ladder to fulfill your dream. You can accomplish anything with hard work and perseverance.