ISG Alumni Association Held Inaugural Meeting in May 2022

We held our inaugural in-person reception event in London on May 10, 2022. The event was a great celebration of ISG and it was a joy to meet so many of our previous students in person! It brought together ISG graduates from over 30 years ago. They shared personal stories and memories from their time at ISG and how their teachers and experiences continue to impact their lives.  Many alumni have fond memories of annual International Day celebrations at ISG. They shared their appreciation of the multicultural and diverse community at ISG that encourages each student to be who they are through a culture of acceptance, respect, and individuality. 

We hope to host many more events in the future. Please check our gallery for more photos from the event.

Future Event Ideas

The Alumni Association team are always glad to hear your ideas for future events.

Please contact us at would love to hear from you!