Onya Menil

Onya graduated from Dhahran British Grammar School (presently British School Dhahran) last year. She studied there for ten years: from Year 4 to Year 13. 

“I am now attending Berklee College of Music in the US, and I hope to major in Composition. Did my school and teachers influence my decision when choosing the college? To a certain extent, yes! I determined that I wanted to study music at university before doing my A Levels, so I applied to Berklee separately from my UCAS application. If it wasn’t for ISG, I think I’d be studying something entirely different at university. It’s hard to picture my life without having studied at ISG, to be honest.”

On her favourite memories:

“A lot of my favourite memories from school are from Year 11. I was on study leave for my GCSE exams, and during that time, I would study with my friends in the library. Even though we had exams, seeing my friends every day back then made me super relaxed and comfortable while studying, and I was less stressed overall during that exam period.”

On her most proud moment:

“I’m most proud of the fact that I was able to be a part of many groups and communities which ranged from a bunch of different subjects during my time at BSD. I still remember my time in Anime club when I was in Year 7, all the way to being captain of the U19 Volleyball Team in Year 12.”

On the ISG Alumni Association:

I think we do need a centralised alumni network. I am still in contact with many of the friends I have made at ISG, but we would surely all benefit from an alumni association – it is essential to reconnect with our roots, especially since our educational ones are what brought us together in the first place. Plus, it would be great to hear updates on everyone once in a while!